lil yung pharaoh - i hate you, but i love you

  • Diupload pada 15 Mar 2017

    i just left the station now i'm so mad at myself
    came to a realization that i didn't need your help
    i needed you the most but you weren't there when i fell
    all you did was lie to me and make me hate myself
    now you coming back because it's over
    but you act so much different when you're sober
    i guess i'm just different i'm a loner
    but you ain't never here you're just a stoner

    you make me think that it's my fault
    now i'm passed out on the sidewalk
    i get so pissed when you speak
    i know that you can't stand me, either

    all you ever wanted was a check
    but now we always at each others necks
    and i thought you was different from the rest
    i still get chills when i see you
    i get more angry than i need to
    you don't bite the hand that feeds you
    now i know it was the wrong move

    lil yung pharaoh - i hate you, but i love you

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